Wisenet Video Baby Monitor SEW-3049WP/CU & Nanny Baby Sensor Breathing Monitor


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Wisenet Video Baby Monitor SEW-3049WP/CU
The Wisenet Video Baby Monitor – SEW-3049WP/CU is an easy to set-up camera that is stylish and packed with functionality and will subtly slotting into any home.
The WiseNet SEW-3049WP has a variety of features to make your parenting tasks a little easier. The two-way talkback function is a great feature, allowing you to soothe and calm your child from anywhere in your home, and with a range of up to 274 metres, you can be confident you will stay connected, wherever you are in your home. You can view your baby in darkness from up to 16ft away; this is thanks to the extended and high-quality night vision which turns on automatically the instant it detects low light, making a seamless transition from day to night while remaining non-invasive by utilising non-visible Infra-Red LEDs, offering you safe monitoring throughout the night. The nighttime mode has been improved dramatically compared to previous Wisenet Monitors, and now gives one of the best night time viewing experiences from any monitor available today.
The SEW-3049WP has a battery life of 5.5 hours for video and 10 hours for audio only, giving plenty of time between charges. There are 7 integrated sounds and lullabies which help your child gently drift off to sleep and for your convenience, can be controlled remotely, you can also set feeding alerts, to remind you through the night when you need to wake your baby for a feed. The WiseNetSEW-3049WP also has the added benefit of live temperature feedback with customisable alerts between 0˚c and 40˚c; the temperature tolerance levels are much more extensive than the standard 12-30˚c offered with most baby monitors, allowing you to create the perfect sleeping environment for your little one.
The WiseNetSEW-3049WP has an excellent 295˚ pan angle and a tilt angle of 110˚, ensuring you can always achieve the optimal viewing angle of your little one. The camera comes with a mounting kit, and for your travel convenience, 2 European plug adapters are included.
You can add additional cameras to your monitor set up, making it perfect for a growing family or multiple room monitoring, and thanks to the interconnectivity within the WiseNet brand you have the option of adding additional SEW-3049 cameras with the pan and tilt functionality OR the SEW-3048 Flexi Camera.
Nanny Baby Sensor Breathing Monitor
The Nanny Baby Sensor Monitor is a top of the range breathing monitor and has been designed to help you feel reassured that your little one is getting a safe night’s sleep. It is certified worldwide by medical professionals with a Class IIB Medical Certification for precise and accurate measurements of irregular breathing or a complete loss of infant breathing patterns. Keeping a watchful eye over your baby, the discrete sensor pad sits underneath your child’s mattress and quietly monitors their sleep.
Designed for use in a cot or crib, the Nanny Baby Sensor Monitor can be used on mattresses up to 14cm deep and will automatically sound an audio and visual alarm should your baby stop breathing for twenty seconds or if their breaths-per-minute falls below ten. There will be a short acoustic pre-alarm followed by a more intensive ring to ensure that you are always kept informed and alert. The contemporary and intuitive alarm unit features three indication lights that work in conjunction with the audio warnings to make the baby breathing monitor clear and easy for you to understand.
Additional pads sold separately.
Customer Notice: The Nanny Baby Sensor Monitor is a Class IIB Medical Product, meaning that it will always be shipped to you with a factory seal. Please note before you break the seal, once broken the unit cannot then be returned to us unless faulty. The EU 14 Days Return Rules do not apply to this product.

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