Korbond Hemming Web 20m



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The Korbond Hemming Web 20m is a sew-free permanent solution that allows you to bond fabrics together in a quick and easy way. This fusible web is perfect for altering trousers, dresses and curtains, without the need for sewing.Please Note: Always test on a hidden area first. Washable and dry cleanable.Specification Size: 20m Instructions Turn garment inside out or with curtains and drapes, lay flat, underside up Iron garment or fabric to crease in hem at required length (suitable heat for fabric) Cut web to required length and place between two sides of fabric to be bonded – do not allow tape to protrude or have direct contact with the iron Set iron to a hot temperature and use a low steam setting (Synthetics need special care, do not allow to dry out) Press iron slowly and firmly over hem for approx. 20 seconds then allow to cool for 5 minutes

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