Veritas Sewing machine Anna White, Red



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VERITAS Anna – creative sewing made easy!With its 32 stitch programs, VERITAS Anna is one of the favorites among mechanical sewing machines. Versatile sewing work, such as application, repair or decorating, is absolutely no problem for this sewing machine – the strong 70 watt motor also masters thick and multi-layered fabrics. But Anna also gets ready to play with elastic materials like jersey. It offers numerous plaster and decorative stitches and seams clean, precise and exact. Button holes can be sew quickly and easily thanks to the 1-stage automatic button hole mechanism and the thread change is very easy thanks to the thread help.Perfectly equippedVERITAS Anna leaves nothing to be desired for anyone who wants to achieve high-quality approximates. The strong engine, the low-vibration housing and the reliable 6-point subtransporter enable precise, powerful working. Thanks to the integrated threading aid, the thread is threaded in seconds and the anti-glare LED sewing light illuminates the optionally available, large feeder table optimally.Creative and versatileNo matter whether decorations for sets or table cloths, smart hem edges on dresses, or applications – VERITAS Anna is equipped for every project. With 32 different blind-seam, stretch, satin and decorative stitch patterns, beautiful seams can be produced on elastic and firm, light and heavy materials, and the different overlock stitches are ideal for flocking seams and cut edges.Just press a buttonNo-one wants crotted and tangled seams! For this reason, the thread tension on VERITAS Anna can be set either automatically or individually in several stages. Even perfect button holes can be made by pressing a button. The fully automatic button hole program takes care of everything. Only the provided button hole base has to be attached to it and even that works with one hand grip.This text is machine translated.

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