Married Zulu Impi


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The Zulu army was a formidable foe Well-trained well-led and well-equipped for campaigns the Zulu regiments were the terror of Africa Created by the great Shaka founder of the nation each regiment was composed of small companies who trained together and a regiment could be 1000 men strongThey were then brigaded together to form divisions that could move at great speed and with drilled precision forming the classic Zulu attack formation of the Horns of the Buffalo The military system formed units into married and unmarried units so a cadre of young men would be forced to remain unmarried on the King’s orders until they had ‘washed their spears’ in the blood of their enemies They are armed with throwing spears smoothbore muskets and the deadly stabbing short spear whilst their patterned ox-hide shields help identify their parent regiment Once they were blooded and only then would they sew in the characteristic head ring which is the symbol of a mature a

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