Veritas Sewing machine Rosa White, Red



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VERITAS Rosa – maximum sewing pleasure with a lot of power!Thanks to its 23 stitch programs, the VERITAS Rosa is perfect for versatile sewing jobs. The pattern is selected quickly and easily via the spur dial. From stable useful stitches to elastic seams, the strong motor of this sewing machine simply creates everything. Even heavy materials can be easily sown with the machine. A clean and neat stitch pattern is guaranteed by the carrier, who works exactly. The automatic needle thread and thread cutter also facilitate sewing and optimum sewing pleasure.Full power for perfect resultsThe VERITAS Rosa is a true powerhouse: Even multi-layer fabrics can be easily sewn with the powerful engine. The conveyor works so evenly and precisely that a regular seam pattern is always created without a longitudinal cross-section between the upper and lower layers of the fabric. Through the robust and extremely low-vibration housing one retains a quiet hand even when working filigree.Saves time for your real taskThose who work creatively should not have to spend time with small things. The VERITAS Rosa does many of these things in no time at all. The thread can be threaded in seconds using the threading aid. The automatic coil program ensures absolute safety, because the needle and hand wheel stand still during the coil. The automatic thread tension beautify approximate results with uniform seams, without involuntary ripple or distortion of the threads.Set to everythingThe VERITAS Rosa is a real all-round talent. Whether elastic seams for light and stretchy fabrics or tight seams for particularly stressed areas in heavy materials, this machine stitches everything. Stitch programs can be set variably in stitch length and width, and the high impact of the strong engine even penetrates jeans and poplin.This text is machine translated.

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