Veritas Sewing machine Claire White, Red



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VERITAS Claire – state-of-the-art sewing technology!On the large display of the VERITAS Claire all sewing settings are clearly displayed. The large buttons allow optimum working on the machine.The stitch length can be set from 0 – 4.5mm and the stitch width from 0 – 7mm and then saved via the memory function. Comfortable sewing, even without foot contact, is possible with the VERITAS Claire without any problem. The start/stop button can also be used to operate the machine manually. The automatic needle thread and the fully automatic thread cutter for the top and bottom thread at the push of a button as well as the sewing button provide for top results.Convenient sewing functionComfortable sewing without foot pedal is possible with the VERITAS Claire without any problem. The start/stop button allows the machine to be operated manually. The machine also has an automatic thread cutter. The upper and lower thread can be separated with just one push of a button. The automatic sewing function helps you sew at the beginning and end of a seam. This ensures a durable seam at all times.Save your own patternsOn the large LC multifunction display it is particularly comfortable to set individual stitch patterns. Existing patterns can be adjusted together with the stitch length of 0 – 4.5 mm and the stitch width of 0 – 7mm and then saved as a separate pattern via the memory function. Next time sewing, the saved stitch is very easy to retrieve.Accurate and preciseAccuracy and precision are the main focus of all VERITAS models. Whether button holes or different stitch lengths, thanks to the numerous settings and automatic functions even difficult tasks can be done in no time at all. With the glare-free LED-light nothing remains hidden from the view. Thus precise working becomes child’s play.Wide range of accessoriesFor even more comfort, the VERITAS Claire is equipped with numerous accessories. These include various utensils, such as the edge ruler, the edge sewing foot, the track seam foot, and so that every creative project can be started immediately, including an extensive twine set.This text is machine translated.

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