Unisex Cell Audio-controlled Luminescent Music T-shirt



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Features: More convenient for sewing and disassembling. Make you stand out in the crowd. It shows your fashion sense. Extremely sensitive to sound. High luminous sensitivity. Washing and disassembly method: After removing the flash and drive, you can wash your T-shirt either by hand or machine. 1. To remove the flash and drive from the T-shirt, firstly put a T-shirt from inside to outer, and find the black power female adapter that hidden in the end of the light emitting electrodes on the back of the yellow black power supply box and the black power supply male connectors that with 7 metal row needles at the end of the drive power cord. 2. Grasp the female connector with the left hand and the male connector with the right hand, then gently separate the two sides of the joint. (You have to unplug the power plug before you can tear the sheet apart. Otherwise, it’s easy to tear off the yellow soft electrode on the back of the sheet, causing power failure.) Keep in mind that if you separate the joint and find that the length of the seven metal pins varies from one length to the next, be sure to level it off, or you’ll have a situation where you won’t be able to turn on the electricity and the light will not shine. 3. Separate the luminescent and hook Velcro (the glow and hook Velcro are all in one piece) from the hairy surface Velcro and remove the actuator. Remember to remove the sheet with gentle force. The sheet should not be folded. If creases are made, it is easy to break the conductor of the sheet and cause it not to shine. Luminescent plates and actuators should be kept in ventilated dry places. The difference between driver driven luminescent plates: Drives are the power of the light-emitting (design), the drive can be put inside clothes playmaker small pocket (can also be stuck in a pair of drawers or belt), the battery is in the drive, use 2 * AAA battery(not included), it can last about five hours.

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