Teepee Cross Stitch Crafts – 4 Colour-in Teepee Tent Craft Kits. Colouring Crafts. Size 16cm.


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Spend the night under the stars as your imagination takes you near and far! A traditional tipi was usually made of animal skins, cloth or canvas and can be easily recognised by the smoke flaps at the top of the structure. Now you can recreate the cool conical tents and learn all about them at the same time by putting your colouring skills to good use. Children will enjoy this unique craft which allows them to shade between the pre-drawn lines, putting their own creative flair on the classic patterns. Then, it’s time to reach for the needle and thread, and stitch through the pre-punched holes, to add delicate textured details before completing your rich tapestry of design with a cluster of vibrant feathers and pipe cleaners. Colour, stitch, fold and finish!

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