Mini Sewing Machine Adjustable Double Speed Double Thread Wide Table Cut Wire



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features and functions: double speed, double thread, with foot pedal, LED sewing light, U-shaped design for sleeves and a big wide table. It’s definitely a good choice for many home sewing projects including crafting, quilting, home decor, etc. Just fall in love with sewing! Features: *Double thread design helps you create neat and straight stitch. Large Spool can be used with rewind device for easy replacement of bottom bobbin. * Double speed including low and high speed is to keep safe and powerful. Suitable for both beginners and skilled people. * U-shaped design is convenient for sewing cuffs, pants, collars and more. * Durable gear can work for a long time, bring stable performance. * With a LED sewing light, easy to thread the needle and see all the sewing details. * Equipped with a pedal, concentrated your sewing with both hands and control the speed with pedal. * Large extension table stabilize the machine and makes the sewing smooth and neat.

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