Korbond Sewing Essentials Bundle



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Whether you are topping up or refreshing your assortment the Korbond Sewing Essentials Bundle is perfect for your sewing needs. Comprises black and white elastic 12mm x 2m and hook and loop black and white stick on 2 x 50cm. Also includes stitch ripper and embroidery scissors are ideal for needlework, quilting, embroidery or sewing projects. Plus craft needles contains a convenient assortment of crafting needles, Colour coded by type to aid quick selection for every craft project, in one easy to store case. Contents include 20 colour-coded needles in a range of sizes for a variety of craft projects. * Green Eyes = Between (sizes 8 and 9) * Red Eyes = Crewels (sizes 3,5 and 7) * Magenta Eyes = Short Darners (sizes 10 and 12) * Blue Eyes = Tapestry (sizes 18, 22 and 24) * Black Eyes = chenille (sizes 18 and 20) 20 pcs of assorted buttons and Retractable tape measure Not forgetting 30 pcs of colour sewing threads, 100% spun polyester thread selection, containing 45m per spool, is ideal for a range of general sewing applications. All stored in a handy storage case.

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