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VERITAS Marie Sting and Go!The VERITAS Marie is the ideal choice for beginners and advanced users who want a sewing machine for simple repair and sewing. Thereby, it offers the most important basic functions, useful, overlock and decorative engravings without much knick-knacks. At the same time, it is so easy to use that you can’t go wrong with VERITAS Marie.Nothing is missingInitial sewing tests and simple repair work can be easily managed with 13 stitch programs. With the straight, zigzag and blind stitch, curtains and trousers can be cut, cracks can be punched and patches can be sewn on. With the 4-stage button hole program accurate button holes are sewn, which round off every successful approximation.Easy to useFor stable, durable seams, VERITAS Marie offers three pre-set straight stitch lengths, which can be easily selected using the scroll wheel. Three different stitch lengths of the zigzag stitch are available for cutting edges. For more stable seams, the stitch at the end of the seam is fixed by pressing the backward sewing button.Small and convenientDespite its small format, VERITAS Marie is convincing on the whole line. Removing the free-arm compartment provides additional space for sewing and the fold-out carrying handle makes it easy to transport. Thus, the sewing machine can be stowed away quickly and securely until its next use.This text is machine translated.

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