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We give you wireless freedom with Phoenix Gold® Free Flight, the revolutionary wireless 2-in-1 headband and steam straightener system, which impresses with its feather-light handling.The high-quality anti-stick ceramic sole stores heat for effortless crease removal in one go. Whether delicate silk, multiple layers in one operation or even delicate transfer prints. This soleplate has nothing to stick to! Thanks to the incredible steam power of the special, integrated steam generator and the innovative, flow-optimized steam channels, you can ideal distribute micro-fine steam molecules over any textile. Phoenix Gold® Free Flight is perfect for cotton, linen, wool, artificial silk and synthetic. It’s gentle on cashmere and delicate silk; even on sequins, pearl embroidery, prints and frill! The ultra-strong steam gives you the strongest garment for jackets, curtains and bed linen!The practical anti-calc and self-cleaning function provides for many years of full power and with the innovative sole nose you can now easily iron between narrow buttons, sequins and other tricky applications without wrinkles! If you need heat again: In just 8 seconds you are ready to start again! With conventional irons and steam blades, you are always limited by the length of the cable. Phoenix Gold® Free Flight is absolutely mobile, wireless and weighs not even 1 kilo! Just as easily you can remove odors from upholstery, beds, plush fabrics or curtains. This way you can also steam away germs, bacteria and allergy-causing dust! Of course, you can also use your wireless Phoenix Gold® Free Flight with cable as usual!This text is machine translated.

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