Maxxmee 07850 Steam press 2400 W Red-black



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Now was the time to With a powerful 2400 Watt and an extra large water tank (1.2l), the MAXXMEE steam ironing station makes the annoying textile maintenance as comfortable as possible! No more constant interruptions to water filling and no more fear of ironing sensitive clothing. The smooth-running sole glides smoothly over fabrics of all kinds and thanks to the continuous temperature regulation, the optimal ironing temperature can be set for almost every textile type. With the turbo-steam boost, you can master difficult ironing challenges without any effort. Even curtains or hanging fabrics can be smoothed and refreshed with the vertical steam function. The hot steam neutralizes unpleasant odors. “Of course, you can use the MAXXMEE” steam ironing station as required for dry ironing and steam ironing. With the MAXXMEE” steam ironing station you can now provide smooth results with ease.This text is machine translated.

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