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Gemini Quilting Machine Feet Set Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in the world of quilting, having an assortment of feet for your machine is essential. With this set of Gemini Quilting Machine Feet, you’ll have all the basics that you’d need to produce beautiful quilted products. In this set, you will receive: Binding foot – an adjustable foot that can work with binding of a variety of widths Darning/embroidery foot – not only great for repairing holes or torn areas, but can also be used for free-motion embroidery Walking foot – evenly feeds layers of fabric and wadding through the machine while quilting These are three of the most useful feet for sewing machines when it comes to quilting, so by investing in this handy bundle, you won’t have to source individual feet, saving you precious time! This set comes packaged up in a handy plastic box with a foam insert for each foot, so storage is already sorted! You won’t have to worry about keeping the feet loose and losing them in your craft kit. They’ll be safe and sound inside their box. While these feet have been designed to be used with the Gemini Stitch, they will also work with other leading sewing machines on the market.

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