Braun IS 3042/1 0128791618 Steam press 2400 W White



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The first 3D back glide soleplate the world for 360° sliding abilityThe patented upwards curved soleplate guarantees 360°-gliding ability of each substance, over every obstacle, as well as via any button and every pocket.Calc Clean System for perfect steamFor a long lasting performance informs you of the Calc Clean system via chalk deposits in your device. The display lights up the next time, if it is time to descale.More steam powerThe steam power the care style steam ironing stations is twice as high as in conventional steam iron. More steam means that you want to eliminate any wrinkles faster.Clever, user-friendly digital display for intuitive operationThe digital display is intuitive and provides information at a glance. All operations are monitored and on the LED display is displayed so that you can easily by the clip process. With the Eco-button you can start saving energy.Eloxal 3D back glide soleplateSmoothes spotless and fast. With the sliding most powerful soleplate of Brown: the unique Eloxal coating offers an extraordinary low friction, the bow process speeds up and gives you more time to do other things.Extra large removable tankThis means that fewer interruptions to refill, which speeds up ironing – especially if you mountains ironing and laundry. Helpful LED lights indicate when water must be added. Thanks to the large feeding tube can be filled the tank directly from the tap.50% time savingNo matter whether you every day, occasional or very reluctantly arms. There is no simpler, more efficient and, above all, faster way to super results! And with minimum effort.Higher vapor pressure (up to 5.5 bar) and additional steam (up to 330 g/min) for optimal performanceHigh pressure helps the steam, the substance to penetrate completely, so that iron super easy. The hartnackigsten wrinkles are in Nu smoothed, thanks to the additional steam. This ironing system halved save time and energy. There is no easier way, your clothes ironed look fresh again.This text is machine translated.

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