Blaupunkt VSI701 Garment steamer 1100 W White, Grey



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The extremely simple and user-friendly VSI701 textile steam straightener has proven itself excellently in such situations. In the VSI701 model, simply pour the water into a 100 ml removable tank, switch on the device and you can start ironing after just 35 seconds. Keep in mind that the best effect is achieved when you iron the fabrics vertically. The effect of the steam generator is based on the precise penetration of water vapor into the material, which can only penetrate the fibers freely in this position, it relaxes and refreshes them 1220 Watt power of the device provides for a steam jet of 25 g/min, which is used for thorough ironing of your wardrobe, Sufficient to remove folds from curtains and refresh curtains or upholstery.The VSI701 steam straightener has an anti-drip function that ensures even distribution of the water vapor and prevents it from dripping onto the fabric. The automatic shut-off function is essential for dispersed users. After a while of inactivity, the steam straightener switches off automatically, was designed to save energy and ensure safety. The 1.9 m long cable makes it easier to maneuver the steam straightener during ironing, and the light weight of the appliance of only 0.9 kg improves the comfort and convenience of the work even more.This text is machine translated.

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