Blaupunkt SSP701 Steam press 3200 W Blue-white



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The SSP701 model produces steam in a high-performance boiler in the iron. The water is fed to the heating element via a pump from the tank in the station, from which it is directed at the steam holes in the soleplate at a pressure of up to 5.5 bar and a steam flow of up to 135 g/min. This performance ensures good loosening of the fibers and perfect smoothing of the fabrics. Ironing with a steam generator is based on the effect of steam and not on the weight and temperature of the iron, so that the ironed fabrics look like new for longer. The appliance is equipped with two areas of steam control and automatic temperature control of the soleplate. These functions are very easy to operate and are controlled by an electronic control panel on the iron and a button on the steam generator. A special option is the additional steam eject function, which is activated by pressing the steam activator twice. The iron is equipped with a ceramic sole, because ceramic is best used as a material in devices whose components are regularly exposed to high temperatures. It guarantees a gentle movement of the iron over the fabrics, which was beneficial for the comfort of the ironing. It is also very scratch-resistant and remains free of any adhesive. The 1.5 liter water tank with the possibility to refill during ironing ensures a long time of pleasant work.If the iron is not moved for 10 minutes, it switches off automatically. The standby indicator light and icon flash and the steam station beeps. Press the steam button to continue ironing.Switching from a classic steam iron to a steam iron station has many advantages. Ironing will no longer be an annoying task and your clothes will remain smooth and fresh for a long time.This text is machine translated.

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