Princess 332853 Garment steamer Black 1100 W



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Keep your clothes looking smart by smoothing them out with the Princess 332853. Even clothes that come completely wrinkled and muffled out of your suitcase can be quickly re-shaped by steaming. You can even use your favorite fragrance and apply it to your clothes. Make sure your appearance is flawless during important meetings or evening invitations.Free of wrinkles, odors and bacteria thanks to steam treatmentSteaming clothes sounds awkward – but it is not with the Princess garment damper. This handy textile steam cleaner generates hot steam, which instantly removes creases from your clothes and even makes upholstered furniture look like new again in minutes. The steam also removes nasty odors, so you don’t have to pack sensitive items of clothing into the washing machine. Finally, steam is quite hot, eliminating 99% of all bacteria and dust mites. Ideal if you love old clothes or are allergic to dust mites. Feel fresh and confident.Adjustable continuous steamEven sensitive fabrics can be cleaned with the Princess garment damper. The handy steam generator has two different steam settings, so you can also steam fabrics such as wool or silk. The garment damper reaches the ideal damping temperature within 30 seconds and possesses a permanent damper function by simply locking the damper button.Handle and scent nozzle can be foldedThe Princess textile steam cleaner is specially designed so that it can be easily accommodated in your travel or hand-held case. Just unpack the damper and put your clothes back in shape if you need to go straight from the airport to a meeting. By adding your favorite perfume to the supplied scent nozzle, you can make sure that your clothes smell just as pleasant as you do. After use, simply fold the handle in and stow the damper again.Includes brush attachments for coats and upholstered furnitureThe Princess Textile Steam Cleaner has a removable brush attachment that helps you to dampen thicker fabrics and upholstered furniture. Ideal if you want to hang out your winter coats for the summer or refresh them for the winter. The fragrance nozzle attachment sprays your favorite fragrance.Removes 99% of all bacteriaPlush animals, pillows and dog beds. Places where many bacteria accumulate and are difficult to clean. With the Princess garment damper this matter is done in a flash. The hot steam kills almost all bacteria and removes even the most persistent dog smell. The garment damper switches off automatically after 8 minutes and is thus safe to use.This text is machine translated.

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