Zombicide Walk of the Dead Set 2 Board Game



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This box includes 24 classic zombies and 12 additional spawn cards to add them into any Zombicide base gameSculpts are the same as the ones found in Zombicide Season Two Prison Outbreak however this box set includes three exclusive sculptsZombies break down as15 Walkers (5 are a mix of 2 Box of Zombies only sculpts)6 Runners3 Fatties (2 are a Box of Zombies only sculpt)Spawn Cards break down as6 are additional extra activation and sewer spawn cards identical to Season 1 and Season 2 extra activation and sewer cards (2 extra activation for Walkers 1 for Fatties 1 for Runners 2 sewer spawn cards)6 are designed with a slightly different method While keeping things relatively simple at Blue level things get a little worse than usual from the Yellow to the Red level Fatties and Runners come in greater numbers as well

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