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Universal backpack for parents that can be attached to the pushchair. It has 14 pockets, including a thermal pocket, a pocket for wet clothes or nappies, and a quick access pocket (without needing to open the main compartment). The backpack can be opened and closed with one hand. Features: Elegant, functional backpack provides space for all things services Innovative mechanism that allows you to close and open one hand 12 pockets that facilitate organization (among others, a pocket for wet things, a pocket for wet wipes, a pocket for cutlery) In the upper compartment of the backpack, 2 pockets for bottles, including one insulated The inside of the backpack is durable Access pocket on the back – through which you can get inside the backpack without opening the main fasteners Adjustable wide braces Handle, thanks to which the backpack can be installed like a bag Possibility to attach the backpack to the trolley thanks to two buckles The set includes a changing mat Precise sewing covered by long-term pleasure of use Easy to clean

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