Hanging Planter Bag – 2 Colours & 36, 49 or 64 Pockets


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Tend to your plants in this Hanging Planter Bag Choose from green and black Available with 36, 49 or 64 pockets Environmentally-friendly, non-toxic and ideal for indoor/outdoor gardening Soft, breathable and lightweight bag is easy to move and hang Excess water will automatically drain through it Perfect for creating a bright feature wall or a vertical herb garden Use it for planting flowers, strawberries, vegetables, foliage plants and so on Use rope or screws to fix the plant grow bags on the wall Buying Options: 14.99 pounds instead of 21.99 pounds for the 36 pocket bag – save 32% 16.99 pounds instead of 24.99 pounds for the 49 pocket bag – save 32% 19.99 pounds instead of 26.99 pounds for the 64 pocket bag – save 26%

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