GK9-900 190W Electric Sewing Machine Portable Automatic Packaging Device Agriculture Textile Industry Woven Bag Mini Sealing Machine Cloth Overlock Equipment



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Features: Compact size, light weight and portable, practical to use. Aluminum outershell casting, high temperature quenching, high hardness, wear resistance and can provide long service time. 190W high power, 18000rpm motor speed, with stable and reliable motor performance. High packet efficiency, no jumper, no break line. Strong power, low noise, suitable various kinds of material with different thickness. 7.5-10mm stitch length adjustable, 0.2-10mm thickness adjustable, you can adjust according to different material easily. 3s quickly packet, 2600n/min stitching speed, greatly improve your packing efficiency. Turn clockwise to make the stitches thinner; turn counterclockwise to make the stitches thicker. Two kinds of wire cutting off ways design, you can manual/automatic cutting off according to your demands. Wide applications, it can be used on packet sack, non-woven fabrics, lamination bag, hard blanket, composite bag, leather, paper bag and etc..

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